Sandy McCormack


English born, Zimbabwean raised, South African national, Sandy has a natural love of nature and has always been drawn to the arts and design. An avid collector of antique brooches, pendants, and gems by noted jewellery houses, along with her passion for artisanal jewellery from exotic locations worldwide is evidenced in her designs for Margot. 

Trained as a Fine Arts student, Sandy has an understanding and appreciation of the diversity and beauty of jewellery; from the hand crafted, tribal necklaces strung with African trade beads and shells on leather string, to finely detailed, classic and timeless pieces.  Sandy’s designs, paired with symbols of femininity and talismans of good fortune run throughout her collection.  

Margot is a reflection of her love of all forms of “wearable art”. 

Classical, whimsical, versatile, vintage, and artisanal. Margot offers a universal appeal.



For nine generations, the Kasliwal family of the famed Gem Palace in Jaipur have been jewellers to India’s Royal Family and a new generation of global celebrities and elite. Creations by the late Munnu Kasliwal have and remain the most highly coveted of their collections. Munnu’s pieces have an intricacy, originality, and enchantment that set them apart. After Munnu’s untimely death in 2012, Munnu’s son Siddharth carries on that fine tradition. As longstanding friends, Sandy and Siddarth have joined forces.

Margot is the first retailer of Munnu The Gem Palace in the United Kingdom.